Who We Are


Is simple to enhance and grow customer loyalty for our brands by dedicatingourselves to providing the highest - quality products and services, reflectingour core values of honesty, transparency, and individual attention and working continuously to improve our business.


Is to be a leader in developing and fostering commercially and socially responsible business enterprises that serve the local community and reflectour commitment to the future of Qatar and its peoples both in the region andon the world stage.


Our main focus is to obtain success in sales and therefore generate profit and recognition from our clients and partners, throughout demanding, pragmatic, marketing approach oriented for success with Aquila, your company has one single contact point with the market and will coordinate all the relevant measures and services in your name. We have entrepreneurial style, and we love to produce results


We INFINITTO Group Facility Management insert and see provide a wide range of services that are focused on the internationalization results and on general or occasional support -which begins with the original idea, the strategy, market studies andmarketing, leading to provide service.

INFINITTO Group Facility Management will carry out the representation and presentation of products and services locally, in a personalized way and with this employee’s technical know-how in several branches of business marketing and sales. These are benefit from working in partnership with INFINITTO.

By consulting us, you will have a general understanding of services, methods and how we can develop, marker your product for Qatar market. Trust our team of sales consultant who are dedicated and experienced professionals.

You will have to dedicate yourself to what is important for your company with the projects, the services, innovation and regarding INFINITTO Group Facility Management, the strategy of the markets. Do not worry about local bureaucracies,expenses with staff, holidays, vehicles, other expenses, visa etc.

Our Clients